Maintenance Wash Mystery


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Today I had my first Opti Coat maintenance wash. 


The installation was done by a shop that is owned by someone I consider a friend. I wouldn't want to suggest that any funny business was done, but I've seen my co-worker at my part time gig try and coat a car after using a cleaner wax... And also not polish or coat roofs of trucks, vans, and suv's.... But I digress.... 


My question is wether or not the surface is supposed to feel like naked paint. It felt like it was freshly polished and panel wiped. It was installed three years ago. It's a garage queen, but was rinsed at a self serve and parked for a the winter by the owner.  


I didn't get far on it as I didn't know how to remedy some of the fallout that was on it, or the severity of the water spots. It was taking forever, so I advised him to take it back to the shop, and have them evaluate the coating when they perform the maintenance wash. He did use the old version of Hyper-Seal after washes... 


I left him what was left (about 12oz) in my 32oz bottle of ONR and showed him how to perform the was with the BRS, and how to use Opti-Seal, Car Wax, and Instant Detailer as drying aides. Maybe that will help him? 



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not sure what you're asking but it sounds like the surface is contaminated beyond what ONR can remove.  There are products that will chemically and safely remove contamination - Power Clean for all purpose, FerreX for ferrous metals, MDR for minerals, etc.  There are some excellent recommendations on this Forum and at youtube that explain the processes.

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