Opti Clean and ID&GE

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Curious about something mentioned on the label of these two amazing products. 


The labels say something regarding "protective" (Opti Clean), and "protection" (ID&GE). 


I'm assuming they leave something one the paint. 


My question is what are they leaving? 


Can I use ID&GE in place of Opti-Seal on a Gloss Coated car an hour after application? 


That about it. I have to say that it's been about a year since my deep dive into Optimum, and the more I use the products, the better results I'm getting. They're becoming indispensable.


Please send Dr. G my thanks for this wonderful line of products!

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trying to compare ID&GE with Opti-Seal or Gloss-Coat is way wrong. In terms of durability - ID is a 1, Opti-Seal is a 5 and Gloss-Coat is 8...They are different products with differing characteristics and do not perform the same.  Instant Detailer is a light cleaner with short term gloss, Opti-Seal is a last step protector with decent longevity, and Gloss Coat is a ceramic coating that adds hardness and chemical resistance...not at all the same.

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