How important are the pads,to “the system”?

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Here’s the deal:

I,currently decon/wash/dry/polish/sealant/wax topper.  Weekly or so washes and spray wax (megs) as a drying aid/booster. 

rupes pads, jescar powerlock, collinite, and rupes polishes. 

I also.use onr, and recently optimum fabric cleaner. I,really like. 

I’ve Also been watching Ivan’s videos and I like his simple synergistic approach. I’m really liking optimum at this point. I did have a bad polish experience 10 or so,years ago. Polish separated and watery. 

but I’m willing to switch now to a 100% optimum product line. I,would however like to keep my rupes pads as they were a big investment. I know optimum products are designed to play nice with each other so I’m wondering how my rupes pads would fit in? 

im buying a new truck soon. The plan is a thourogh polish, gloss coat, optiseal, then weekly or so onr wash and a spray wax drying. 

i,guess now that I have your attention what about using my existing polish (rupes,and 3D one) up and going with the rest optimum? I,hate throwing stuff out but at the end of the,day my time is more valuable to me and,if I,can get the same results for less effort it’s worth it. 

really,wish optimum was more main stream. It’s,kind of an obscure company. 

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Ok, I’ll try this again. It seems my intent was lost in translation. 

i,get my info fro rupes, lake country, and buff and shine.  They all make (r made) general pads , as well as pads specifically for forced,rotation, and also,for long throw.  A long throw machine,supposedly chewed through pads. The new,rupes,pads,work on all machines (rotary has its own pads). 

So…. The waffle pads optimum sells…. Are they special? (Rag company states on their page that the waffle pro pads fall apart on long throw machines and,recommend lake country hdo pads). 

yes all= Polishes,work with all pads. But again, the hyper polishes are “different’” than the rest so how important is the waffle? Ivan also used dimpled or ccs pads. 

also wondering if the white pad is more aggressive than the orange?? Ivan said yes white is most aggressive, but web site says orange is firmest cut, and white is light cut. Just a bit confused 

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so since you don't believe me, this from Dr G - Zentool or any 21mm machine is long throw and our waffle pads work equally well on long throw or shorter throw machines. They can also use their Rupes pads with our Polish or compound or with our machines. There is no problem to mix and match.

as to white pad, we've found it works better on some manufacturers softer clear coat (black in particular) but the cut is comparable to orange waffle pads.  From the product description:

Optimum White Waffle Foam Pad is a firm medium cutting pad (so what light cut?) - both orange and white will remove 2000 grit or finer sanding marks.

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