ONRWW as a tire dressing / lotion?


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my process for cleaning wheels (bmw m4, daily driver, a ton of brake dust) is as follows:

1) pre spray with ONRWW

2) power clean 1:3 to the tires and wheels

3) agitate with wheel tools (ez detail for barrels, optimum wheel and body brush for face, tires)

4) my final step is then to do a final wipe down with a microfiber towel that has been soaking in ONRWW and wrung dry (i have a separate wheels bucket that i fill with ONRWW )

my question is, does the little bit of wax within ONRWW bind to rubber? my eyes tell me there is a bit of a tire dressing type effect when i do the final wipe down with a microfiber towel but i cannot tell if that is placebo effect 


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