T.A.R. Saved My Bacon


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Well, it at least made my life easier and brought a lot of relief.


This evening was my first attempt at a chrome delete on a Tesla Model X. 


I used Plasti Dip on the chrome emblem and name plate on the rear and there was SO much overspray that I was assuming would come off somewhat easily... Not so much. 


My first inclination was to use a clay bar, which didn't do much. 


Enter Optimum T.A.R. and it came off with ease. 


I'll need to reapply the Opti-Seal and Car Wax topper, but that will take mere moments. 


And on the rest of the car, I did a heavier process with 3D ONE on a Uro-Fiber pad with my Rupes Duetto. Some panels needed their ACA500 compound. I used Optimum Hyper Polish on blue Hex Logic pads to finish. Then I applied Opti-Seal, followed by Car Wax. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Black paint is my favorite to polish. 


Just needed to report back, and thank Dr. G once again for always saving my bacon. 

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