Opti-Coat Pro+ Cleaning During Cure Time


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Hi All,

Tried searching the forums for similar questions but couldn’t find an answer for my specific situation.

I had my car treated with opti-coat pro+ 2 days ago and unfortunately had some bird droppings on the car today. Not sure how long it sat over the course of the day but I immediately removed it when I noticed. I do not have any ONR currently so I simply took a clean microfiber cloth soaked with distilled water and blotted/gently wiped away the droppings.

I’m wondering if this was an ok approach or should I use something more lubricating (mild soap) in the future if this happens during the remaining cure period? 

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sorry for the late approval/response, was on vacation last week.  Optimum recommends waiting 7 days before using solvent (soap) on coatings, distilled water is OK as long as you're careful not to mar the paint.  In a crunch, you can use ONR before the 7 days as well.

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Hi Ron 

Does using hyperseal after glosscoat speed up the curing  process . I have got some corrosion  free rust proofing coming out of my door drain holes I can plug them up  . Would the hyperseal protect my gloss coat  during the curing 

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