Opti-coat M-wash appears to have emulsified in bottle, also dilution question...


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So I received my bottle of M-wash in the mail and it appears in the bottle to have emulsified with small (1mm diameter) white round gel-like floaters.  It's just above freezing outside but it was delivered by courier and the bottle has been at room temperature for just over 8 hours and the floaters still haven't dissolved.  I even mixed a sample with warm tap water and the floaters are still there.  Is the product still ok to use?

Also what is the dilution for use in a pump foam sprayer (eg. iK Foam Pro 2 or Marolex Axel Foam sprayers)?


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I've never heard of "floaters" in M-Wash and normally letting products warm to 70 degrees or so is enough to allow products to regain their regular consistency.  There shouldn't be any problem using the product and a foamer should dissolve any solids.  M-Wash is thicker and more concentrated than other washes, the ratio is 1/2 ounce to 1 gallon of water.

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