With so many Opti-Coat/Optimum products now, and even previously having Ceramics the descriptions should be updated

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If you look at the description for Yellow ONR, ceramic is not listed.  Same goes for Hyper Seal, Opti-Seal, and if OCW now has it, there as well. I think more people would be more interested if they knew these products had ceramics in them for durability and protection.  Just a thought. At least update the web pages where they are listed. Product labels I know are a different situation. 

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1 hour ago, Ron@Optimum said:

You are correct and Dr G is aware - the person who would handle this is out on sick leave, but will be addressing product descriptions when she returns.  Thanks

Onrww and ceramic would be my go to for a great drying aid  . If  not I would mix onrww  and the ceramic  wax and put it in a spray bottle  . 

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