Hypercompound bad?


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My spray hyper compound is starting to “clump” and turn into a cottage cheesy type gloop. 

I had,a bad experience many years ago with the original hyper polish. (It turned to a watery consistency). I swore off optimum because of it, but later returned in part due to Yvan lecroix, and also the polish had been ‘redone”. I also like spray polish way better. 

But now I’m leery again. 


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I put 2 stainless steel nuts into my spray polish and compounds. Helps mix any solids that clump after periods of non use.  I keep mine in my house so they are always temperature controlled and they still separate especially the blue compound. The nuts help break it apart faster. 

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I recently trashed a 64oz jug of GPS and Hyper Compound for that reason. I had no idea the 18oz bottle would stretch SO far. The 64oz jugs of Hyper Polish and Intensive Polish are doing just fine though. My GPS 18oz bottle also watered out. I'll order a new bottle when I order a bottle of the nee Hyper Compound, and Ultra Ceramic Seal. 

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