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I promised to do a comparison between Ultra and Hyper Seal, but life conspired to interrupt my schedule.  First we had a World Class Hail Storm that damaged my home/area and introduced me to the new bane of my existence - insurance adjusters.  Following has been a string of family & company visits (benefit of living at the lake)...and we have an army coming for the 4th.  Finally the weather has alternated between hotter than h#ll and spot showers to ruin clean cars.  I did detail my SILs Audi with Ultra and he was way impressed.  Once the holiday are clear I'll get back on schedule...I promise.

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 Sorry to hear Good luck with the adjusters  . Have a good time . I got the pollen of my car looks great. I  have been in northern Ontario camping the smoke from the wild fires when mixed with rain left some strange looking product on my car . Power clean to the rescue. 


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ironically, I sometimes forget Power Clean and use Opti-Clean instead.  My son-in-law's Audi is white (doesn't listen to me) and had some serious bug guts/tar, so I pulled out Power Clean (1:3) and was reminded how effective it is - saved lots of scrubbing.  V5 ONR and Ultra drying aid and even white can SHINE!

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