Opti-Clean, FerreX, and Opti-Glass Clean & Protect - Discontinued?


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Hi Everyone,

I was recently informed by a reputable retailer of Optimum products that Opti-Clean, FerreX, and Opti-Glass Clean & Protect (and perhaps other products) are going to be discontinued.  Can anyone verify this?  Or is it possible that the retailer is simply making space for new formulations of Opti-Clean, FerreX, etc.?

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Detailed Image? 


They discontinued carrying them. They said they were slow movers.... 


I love buying from them. They have gone way too far above and way too far beyond for me, so I'll continue to buy what I can from them. Their sales are excellent. But outside of that I'll be buying directly from the Opti-Coat site. I feel that I'll get the freshest of product that ways, with the most up to date formulations from Dr. G. 


I'm fully invested in Optimum, and have been for a while. They're my new home, which used to belong to Meguiar's, since 1996. That's why I didn't have anything to say when the rep lasted other coatings I could use. I've used them, and I prefer Gloss Coat. That will likely never change. It's the kingpin of my rig.. 


There is a popular big box music retailer that does the same thing, saying something is "discounted", when they actually stopped carrying it. 

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