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8 hours ago, tak said:

Thank you!  Do you have any recommendations  as to using Opti-Seal or Hyper Seal for a PPF and ceramic-coated car?  I do ONR washes and like to use these as a drying aid

Hi tak

I think I have used just about everything  optimum  has as  a drying  aid .  Hyperseal  I believe  will give you the best protection  and ontop of my glosscoat on silver metalic paint  i get a  more mirror  like shine. I also use  The new ceramic ultra wax is  more of a wet  look. Economy wise I  think the instant detailed  is really the best.  Of course I pile all of it on top of each other lol. I like to get a couple of coats of hyperseal  on before the winter sets in for the protection.  Have fun   .

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Lol. Can't go wrong.  Only a brand new car can come close  to my 15 year old paint. I worked as a carpenter doing renovations for 30 years over kill was always done for beams  I guess that's were I get it from lol. 

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