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I just installed Gloss Coat on my full size Silverado. I used Optimum’s neoprene applicator but I only used about 2cc of the product.  Is that about right or did I not use enough? It seemed to go on fine but it is a white truck so it’s hard to see it. 

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for a full size Silverado it should take close to the entire syringe (10ml), depending on what you coat (glass, wheels, metal, etc).  Using too little will reduce durability.  The good news is you can layer Gloss-Coat, so can apply another coat to get full protection.,

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12 hours ago, Doug said:

Thank you, I’ll put on another coat 

Like Ron said- though in all honesty, as long as you see a decent snail trail behind, you should be fine. I’ve coated 3 vehicles + a mountain bike and a variety of small things with a 20cc tube- my point being you probably might (will) have enough left to do a small vehicle. Regarding durability, I applied about 5cc to my Honda civic that will reach 2 years in February with the old version of gloss coat. Apply a second coat and you’ll be set for a couple years!

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I didn’t look at how much I was using until I was almost finished. I think my mistake was that I used the wrong applicator, I bought the duel pro foam applicator. I thought I read that the neoprene side was for Gloss Coat but it says it for Opti Coat. With what I had left I used the applicator that comes in the package and went over the truck again and it worked much better. I just ordered more for another vehicle. 

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