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First test of new Power Wheel & Tire Cleaner - another revised Optimum product, ready to use and with a simplified function.  This is also Optimum's first purposely formulated foaming product.  I tested it on 2 sets of tires with differing wheel design and degrees of dirt.  Both sets have been treated with Tire Protection & Coating, but well over year ago and mostly gone.  I sprayed WTC and let dwell for several minutes, it foamed and spread easily.  I used a tire brush to agitate and could see the foam raising and trapping dirt to be removed with an old microfiber.  The rinsing microfiber towels, soaked in ONR, were filthy, but the tires/wheels dried streak/free. I did a second application for fun.  WTC breaks up brake dust, oil, dirt, and even light corrosion, is acid free and safe on all wheel surfaces. Cleaning brake dust and light corrosion is a bonus.  Power Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a cleaner only, leaving no shine, and needs to be followed by a conditioner, either short term (Opti-Bond) or long (Tire Protection and Coating).  This is a better tire/wheel cleaner than Power Clean, though Power Clean has greater variety of uses based on mixture, and the foaming aspect works really well on these surfaces.

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Sounds good I was mixing optimum car soap with power clean to get  the power clean to cling to the wheel especially in the barrel. Don't see it at carzilla  yet   

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