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Brad K

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This was my most fun detail yet!! First paid detail to polish anything....I'm moving up in the world!! So I've been trying to detail this Toyota Corolla for a while now and finally got the chance today! She asked me to remove the marks from the hood...which were left from leaves falling and sitting on there for a while. They tried washing the marks off, but the marks were etched into the paint, so they called on my expertise. :confused1[1]: There were about 8-12 different marks on the hood from leaves. They almost all came out 100%....just a few very very faint lines left on a couple. Side note....yes these pictures are all in the sun and yes I polished the car in the driveway under the sun....but it was definitely a partly cloudy day...the hood wasn't really that hot. I had to be quick with my camera to get the full sun pics.


Products used:


Microfiber wash mitt

Black Magic grit guard-type bucket

Meg's clay bar (for bugs, tar, etc)

Meg's High Gloss Endurance for tires

Meg's M83 on W8006 pad with PC

Meg's M21




Here is the best pic I could get of the etched marks I was trying to get rid of (with some red lines to help point them out!):




Couple scuff marks I polished out on the door handle, circled them in red (no after pic, but they came out 100%):




Hood shot before polishing to show the amount of scratches:




Taped the trunk off to do a half and's what it looked like before:




After polishing half the trunk:




50/50 of the trunk (left side is after polishing)...pic didn't turn out quite as well as I hoped:




After pics:




My favorite after pic...I love how the van's reflection is distorted next to the headlight:




I definitely put M21 on the hubcaps....I'm impressed how nice they look:







Hope you enjoyed!! Comments/questions welcome!!

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Well that has to be the nicest looking Corolla running around in your town :nasty[1]:


Very nice work,



I agree!

Toyota makes great midnight blue paint but you made it better!

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