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Hi from Chicago where the winters are brutal and the summers are hot as you know what! I am 62 years old, and love detailing my cars as a hobby. I do my 2 daughters cars and my wifes car, I do not have one lol. I have tried just about every reasonably priced product on the market (except Nu-Finish lol). First trieed some of the Opti products this week and was very supprised. It, I believe is better than zaino, which is what I have been using a lot, same to the Meguiars products. Still looking for a glass cleaner that will get brake dust off of the front windshield, tried cerios Oxide even (what jewlers use to polish glass and diamonds) did not work! Anyone have ideas, beside, 0 grade steel wool, vinegar, barkeepers friend, various glass cleaners sold by most companies, Meguiars, etc....?


Fred J.

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