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Well it's getting down to the nitty gritty here. Only 2 weeks until the election of our next President. So who will it be that best for the job, Obama, McCain or even Ron Paul?


Feel free to discuss your options, choices, the why's and why not's of your choice.




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Well if we want to be protected and want the next four years to be a shining example of just how great America can be I'd start with a thorough cleaning of all the dirt in this country with onr and then vote for ps, os, and oid. :snack[1]:



Ahhh.....if it were only that easy :snack[1]:


Here's what I am thinking if the Obama guy wins. People will slowly begin to think, "Hey, why do I need to work so hard at trying to make it since the government is so willing to give hand outs?


For me McCain is not my first choice but I see him as a better choice than Obama. Besides.....I don't like the fact that Obama doesn't talk much about his college days plus he has the worst habit of picking the wrong folks to hang with. A democratic Pres, a democratic house.....man that doesn't sound too good.



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I hate politics and I dont like neither person running for President but I voted early on the first day at my fire department and went Republican straight ticket all the way down. A lot of junk they talk about with Obama is lies and not true but I just dont like the fact like Anthony said, the hand outs. Everything is not about money and it seems that all Obama talks about is what he is going to do for lower class people and help them with money. People bring up the whole take from the rich and give to the poor ordeal... In a way it's true, that is what it seems like he is wanting to do. I am not rich no poor (well I am poor but not like people in other countries) but the way I see it is, you take from the rich and close their businesses and such down, then there will be nothing that the rich can GIVE to the poor like they do now such as paying high taxes to pay for poor, give the poor jobs, donate to the poor, etc. Take Hong Kong for example. You can start a business there and have approval by the government in only 1 day! They strive to help people start businesses to give the poor jobs and now look at that place, it's booming! Sure it has it's weaknesses but that's another story.

I wont get too much into the politics side here as I am only 21 and know very very little about it, hate politics because it causes arguments and people to lose sleep and fight but I will say this... I wish the person running for President would stop saying "When I am president I will". "I WILL" is not what you think it is. If I remember correctly (now correct me if I am wrong) the Congress is the one who says what WILL happen and what WILL NOT happen...???

Anyways, I vote McCain even though I dont care for either. No matter who is president or who runs for president, there will be good sides and bad sides to both and there will always be fights and debates over who should be president. People here should just be glad they have a RIGHT to vote and voice their oppinion (even though some voice it a little too much).

That's all I have to say.

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