Black Porsche 993 Turbo

Anthony Orosco

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Super soft paint on this Porsche. It is a repaint so that may attribute to the pain in the butt the paint was especially when most repaints are on the hard side.


I had this Porsche in our shop for I think 6 days and it has at least 12 hours of work on the exterior alone. It was wet sanded in some areas to remove dirt nibs and blending lines, it was tinted all the way around except for the windshield (obviously). Speaking of tint, we had to dismantle the rear wiper arm and remove it completely in order to get the tint to lay down without a blemish by the wiper arm area.


I don't have many specific BEFORE and AFTERS but rather a collection of befores, durings and afters so here we go.....



This is of the front wiper posts. This area had an odd paint blending line so I wet sanded this area to lessen that and also get rid of some hard water spotting.







After being taped off and wet sanded.








Now here is that area after being polished out.








Here are a few pictures of the front fender and rear quarter panel during wet sanding......unfortunately I do not have any specific AFTER shots of these areas












The pipes were scorched a bit so I used the new Optimum Metal Polish to get them back to their original luster.















This is after the 2nd time polishing the entire paint all over. So this would be the 6th and final polishing step.


My steps were wool LC pad with 105, LC white pad with 105, blue finishing pad with OPII and my last steps were with Ultrafina. Optimum Opti-Seal tops this black beauty.








The engine all detailed








And finally finished...after much hair loss!




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