Cutting ability about Finish Polish and Poli-Seal


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OPtimum finish I believe has very small ability to cut, more likely as menz po85rd as poliseal i use it as one step correction

Is FP and Poli-Seal have similar ability, but Poli-Seal additive wax ?

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the poli-seal has half the cut of optimum polish with an added paint sealant.


the optimum finish polish has a cut determined by your pad......with that said though I would not go any more aggressive than a polishing pad, like the white lake country pads.


I'm using the Optimum fp right now on an aston-martin with a lake country blue pad after several compounding steps and it's leaving me with a brilliant finish that is bright and clear. So the Optimum fp is close with Menzerna FP and Ultrafina.....Optimum having a far greater working period than either of them.



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