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I just got a gallon of this after watching Anthony apply it with a paint gun as I knew that I would be doing the same once I open my shop. But for now I'm applying it via spray bottle diluted 1:1. My initial impression was when I sprayed it on that it wasn't going to dry evenly. I didn't want to mess up my test by rubbing it smooth with an applicator so I left it on overnight without touching it. The next day when I came to look at it man did it shine and was perfectly even! Most impressed with it, great gel I'll be using from now on! Btw it's been a week since I've used it and its still very nice even through light raining.

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Guest Salvatore Minnella

I bought a quart and apply it undiluted using a foam applicator (only doing my own cars). OMG! This is by far the best tire dressing I've ever used.


It dries evenly, not to much shine, doesn't attract dust or dirt and lasts through washing. My plan was to apply a touch up once a week but I don't even always do that because the tires looks so good.


Love Opti Products... I haven't tried one I haven't liked yet. I'm always pushing this stuff to people like I"m selling it (I'm not).... Only because it works!

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