Green With Envy!

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The color, Signal Green. The Car, 1994 Porsche Turbo 3.6. Combined we have a very rare Porsche exotic.


If I am told right, Porsche only made the 3.6's for one year which is 1994. And so far I have not been able to find another 3.6 in Signal Green so in my eyes it makes it rare....and it only has 19k miles on it!


Now the color is not every ones cup of tea but I am personally crazy over the car, not only for it being a Turbo, but the color is .....well "hot"! I called it a large lemon-lime Lifesaver while Ron called it a large green Jellybean :thumbsupup[1]:



The paint was in need of some love....not super bad but it had a lot of marring and some deep random scratches plus some environmental etching in the form of pitting and water spots. Some of the more severe etching would require wetsanding but we didn't want to go that far with such a car.


I used Optimum Polish on about 90% of the correction and finishing work with various pads. Orange, green, Lake Country white, blue, black and finishing white pads plus some wool in a few areas. A few areas had to have some Hyper and regular Optimum Compound.


Also had a chance to try out some other products like Meguiars pads, Zaino tire dressing, some new leather cleaner/conditioner and a foaming glass cleaner. I buffed on the paint for at least 9 hours total and then Ron came by and helped me finish it out.


It has been finished in Opti-Seal, 2 coats were applied yesterday and Ron applied 2 more coats today so we have a total of 4 coats. Sadly I have no BEFORE pics and I also have no AFTER shots in the sun....the day I started it had an AM drizzle and very overcast. Today when we finished it was bloody cold and rained all dang day! So all I have for the moment are inside AFTER pics, sorry guys. I hope to get some more pics Monday so till then please enjoy these 4.
























































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First...GREAT WORK! I'll check on this but... I believe the 3.6 turbo was a mid year engine and the 996 that followed this model the next year were all 3.6 l engine.(regardless of turbo or NA) However, signal green is one of the rarest of Porsche colors along with speed yellow and "mexico" blue. (there is another name for this but it escapes me.) This car was certainly a special order. What may be most important is whether this car was one of the VERY FEW RSR Carerras. THAT would make it a serious one of a kind, and from the pics, it very well may have all of the same accoutrements, but with a turbo engine. (the RSR was N/A) Either way... i'd hit it!!!!!!!!!!!

Kudos to your work, the car, and the owner. You won't see this on the way to Walgreen's!

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