Opti Coat v1 on a Jeep

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Just wanted to post some pics of an Opti Coat v1 job I recently did, finished late at night so my after shots in the sun were from a couple days after, still wasn't much dust on it which is amazing since I live in the sticks. I hit it with a water hose right before the customer left and he flipped out, opti coat is so much fun :)










And a few sun pics a couple days after install







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Very nice work, did you notice if Opti Coat darken or changed the properties of the red paint?

Brighter during the day, Darker especially at night with more depth then just the look I had right after polishing it, freaking looked amazing on this jeep, I did a silver just the other day only seemed to add reflective ability, have a metallic black tomorrow and a metallic blue later next week, I'll take some better before and after pics to try and capture the coatings look

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the best anyone could ask for


ma ma mia


keep it coming

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