What Is the Best Applicator For OC2.0?

whiplash willy

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I have been reading several threads/reviews and people seem to be using different applicators to apply it. For example:


-Included Applicator wrapped in a blue shop towel

(Absorbs extra product, but minimizes high spots - but what about lint?)


-Included Applicator wrapped in a CarPro Suede Microfiber Cloth

(These are expensive, and I don't know if the 10cm (3.9in) would cover the applicator ; it was said they minimize high spots but don't use extra product)


-MF Applicator

(Come claim it is easier to spread, but how do I know which one to use?)



My main concern is proper application, with as few high spots as possible. I am not conserned with conserving product, I don't care if it takes a whole syringe to cover my car....


What is the best applicator to use?


Using the included applicator with a blue shop towel

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If you don't care at all about waste and you only care about high spots, apply it with a small folded mf towel. If I'm in a rush I can over apply "compared to my usual technique, carpro suede mf" the product to the towel and spread it. While moving around the car keep putting the opti coat in the same spot on the towel, what will happen is that spot will stay wet and the outer edges of the towel will stay dry allowing the outer edges to absorb the over applied spots or high spots as you apply. Make sure the paint is film/wax free, this will help minimize the high spots a lot as well.

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I used the foam applicator inside a rubber glove technique with great success. Applying the OC to a blue shop paper towel only required 7cc to cover my Golf R and wheels.


You had no problems with the lint from the blue shop towel getting left behind in the OC?

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I know this thread is old, but I don't want to create a new one.


Can I re-use the yellow foam applicator provided with OC 2.0? Or do you use it once and discard?


Is the blue shop towel method still effective? It seems to have lint and is abrasive like a kitchen paper towel, and paper towels are a no-no on a car's finish.



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I like to just rinse out the applicator with water to minimize any chance of residues. And I still like the blue shop towels, if it gets abraded such that it is linting, switch to another one--plus the lint shouldn't have any real effect anyway. I've not noticed any marring from them. They do work best when you are doing a small area (like a headlight with Opti-Lens) or for getting into nooks and crannies (like wheel spokes).

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