What pads should I be using?


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I have a mix of OPT products, and am looking for confirmation of pad selection. For the record, I have the OPT Polish and Compound pads, however know that I'll need more than the 4 I've already purchased and am looking for recommendations (ie stock up on the OPT MF or purchase a variety of Lake Country or others:

- Compound II

- Polish II

- Finish Polish

- Poli Seal


As well, what are best practices for pad maintenance? I have the Blackfire Pad Cleaner, however have no conditioning brush.


As always, I appreciate your expertise and information. Thanks.

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I've been using the Optimum MF pads for all of their spray products (Hyper Compound and Polish, GPS). In the past, when using their liquid products (compound 2, polish 2, etc..) I've had good success with LC flat pads. However, I just ordered some LC Hybrid pads and want to experiment with those and the spray products.

As far as cleaning is concerned, I experimented with some Microfiber Restore the other day and pre soaked my foam and MF pads. I was very impressed with the results. The presoak alone removed a ton of spent product and left the pads looking pretty good to go. However, I rinsed them out and did a final soak. The second soak pulled the remainder of the material out, and they are the cleanest I've seen them in a long time. I usually have enough pads on site, so that I can wait to soak and clean them when the job is done. By no means is this the preferred method, but it works for me. Good luck.



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It depends, I love the mf pads for defect removal, and on some paint I can finish down perfectly with the mf polishing pad. How have they been doing on your paint? If you've had great success then it's easy to answer, grab some more! As far as cleaning them, I just toss them in my washing machine with my interior towels, and have never had a problem :)

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I like using this pad for applying sprays like the Hyper Seal:


I love the Meguiar's microfiber Mitt for washing with the ONR with wax, and drying with their super shine waffle towel (you can get a pack on Amazon for a really good price!)  Otherwise, sticking with Optimum products and moving away from Meguiar's products.  Now I need to find a spray bottle that will work nice with the Hyper Seal.  The trick is of course, to apply VERY little. 

Lisa  :)

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for washing I like the Big Red Sponge, expensive but long lasting AND gentle on the paint.  The sponge holds lots of solution, important for rinseless washes, and the cross cuts absorb dirt, holding it away from the paint until it releases into your bucket.  You wouldn't use it for wax/sealant application or tires/wheels (they need their own media). 

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