2013 Journey Opti Guarded

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This gentleman had done his homework and had discovered Opti Guard/Coat online and had then found my website by searching for installers in his area. He called me a few months ago after he had just ordered this new 2013 Journey. I could tell he was very excited to receive his car and I certainly wanted to make it look its best and give it the best protection possible to boot.


I quoted him 8 hours to wash, decontaminate and a one step polish followed by a paint cleaning and then OG to the paint, wheels and glass. I ended up spending 9 hours and also dressed the trim and tires. They were very pleased, but I'm getting ahead of the story.


Here it is as it arrived. Like our Canadian winter so far??? Gotta love the Banana belt of Canada!!














There were a couple of small marks, but nothing serious at all. He had given strict instructions to the dealer not to wash it. Luckily, they complied.








First up was the wheels. There was a very tight clearance between the caliper and the barrel. Perfect fit for the Raceglaze XL brush! The wheels, barrels and wells were cleaned with Zep Citrus. The tires were cleaned with Zep 505 cut a bit (maybe 25%).


The car was then foamed with a strong mix of DG 901 and Zep Citrus. That was followed up with IX decontamination gel on a grout sponge. That was then followed by a regular wash of DG 901.






The vehicle was then brought inside wet to clay with Carpro Elastofoam. It was then dried off. The paint was in good condition and I wanted something strong enough to make the metallic jump a bit more and to give it a wetter look. I first tried Opt HP with a white B & S pad. It was OK. I tried M205 with the same pad next to it. Better. Not a lot, but enough. M205 it was. That was followed by DG Squeaky Clean on a black B & S pad, both used with the Flex.


The glass got coated with Opt glass coating. (I'm almost out!) The paint, wheels, front grille and tail pipes and head and tail lights were all coated with OG.

The trim was dressed with WETS. The tires were shot with Opti Bond via spray gun.

The paint was then wiped down with UWW.



It was raining out so any outside shots were out of the question. Here are inside shots of it:



































Thanks for looking. Comments appreciated.
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Great job as usual Richy!

Thank you very much Jon!


wow richy...that looks great...


did you do a wipedown before OG, or do you find the DG squeaky clean works as well as an IPA or other wipedown?

Jeff, I use the SC and then just use a mf dampened in my ONR mix just to make sure there's no dust or anything on the surface. I don't use ERASER or IPA or anything other than that. That way, there's no risk of damage to the surface prior to coating. Also, in addition, I find SC is a very good product to make sure your true correction is done prior to coating.

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thanks richy...i like the sound of that...cant wait to be able to get some SC...


i stuck to the optimum polishes on my last 3 cars i did with OC and just used the damp MF with ONR wash concentration to remove any residue, but id like to maybe get back into a menz polish here and there before OC and i didnt want to use IPA either...im not looking for a shortcut, or reinvent the wheel, but more of tried true and tested reliable solutions/alternatives until the optimum prep product is out...

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