Subaru BRZ


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First off, a big thanks to Justin at Obsessive Detail for the referral.


Had the opportunity to try out my new OPT Erasers....loved them!!!


Hyper Compound on some panels (this was a dealer car the first 1,000 miles)

Hyper Polish

Opti Coat 2.0










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Wow John! That isn't black, that's mirror! Nice job bud. It's kind of funny but it seems like a lot of people believe the red will be the rarest. I find that odd as I've always associated red with sports cars. I would love to see Subaru add Plasma Blue Pearl as an option. It's a gorgeous color.

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Dang! That is sharp in red. I can't fathom why it wouldn't be more popular, especially after you've polished it John. Was that the 3 am job?The black one was the 3am job lol only 2:40am on the red :)


Well now. That 20 mins makes all the difference ;)

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