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Hi all,


Am a user and great believer of Optimum stuff, from India...started off with ONR which has captured a huge market in my country and then almost all the products that i could import (before there was any official distributor here) except polishes most of which i had to import.


In my country where the detailing scene is very, very nascent ONR is almost a household name here in almost all automotive forums. Finally the detailing market is opening up gradually though, with presence of Optimum and now Meguiars in last one year, in a big way


Enthusiast detailer here, not a pro but addicted and keep on adding various brands and stuff..lol...detailing products are counted as part of the monthly food budget


Finally decided to join as the guest view for the forum became restricted :(







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Hello Everyone,


Sorabh this side from India I am a huge automobile buff. I am planning to start my own business of car detailing and opti coating can anyone please guide me a little in this case as this opti coating subject is very new to me. just want to know the process of doing the coating and from where to procure the products in India.


waiting for replies.





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