Hello from wet Wales!

mr rooney

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Hello ! I've just applied the opti coat 2.0 after reading some great reviews on this product. Spent 5 hours cleaning , clay baring , iron x Ing, polishing then de greasing and removing polish residue and finally applying the opti coat. Car looks great and looking fwd to seeing how durable this stuff is and if it will keep the car cleaner for longer.

I'm not a serial detailer but do like a clean car so hope this can help.

Unbelievably we've had no rain for two weeks in my part of Wales (U.K) so not tested the opti coats water beading properties yet.

I've also used the ONR cleaner and am very impressed even though some people in the UK can't understand how this stuff can work without scratching the paint work! They think it must be some sort if witch craft!


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Welcome to the Forum. You'll love watching your Opti Coated car getting rained on. :)


No rain for almost three weeks now which is unusual so after leaving everything settle for a few days in sunny dry still conditions i pulled the hose pipe out and wet it (the car that is) and the water just rolled off !

I was so impressed I called the wife out to have a look but she wasn't interested....twit!

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