Durability problems

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Greetings one and all!


I think I may need to re-polish my car. OCW is only giving me less than a week of protection, and beading dies after 2-3 days. I used Pinnacle Paintwork Cleanser, and my car is a '12 Civic in metallic red. I'm thinking I didn't work the polish in enough. Everything is done by hand using two white LC CCS hand pads.


Or maybe I need to stop using the dregs and order a new bottle of OCW. LOL


Any thoughts?





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Not used the Pinnacle cleaner but am guessing it possibly leaves some glossing oils which the OCW is struggling to bond with. Having said that I would still expect it to last more than a few days


Possibly, but I used the same procedures on my present car as I've used on my previous car....a dark blue metallic '12 Fit: clay, polish, a wipe down using QD strength ONR, dry, then wax. And the wax easily lasted over two weeks. And it's a DD parked outside 25/8.


Two possibilities:


1. Something remains on the surface that inhibits bonding or beading.


2. Something strong is removing the wax.


Often a lack of beading or change in beading can be attributed to something on the paint that changes the surface smoothness. Have you clayed the paint? Can you feel bumps or grit with your hand even after the car is washed?


How do you know the beading stops after 2-3 days? Was it there to begin with or did you just notice ther was no beading after 2-3 days. It's odd that it wound be there and then not be there unless you washed with something strong enough to remove it.


1. Possibly oils left behind from the polish. Next time I may need to re-wash instead of using ONR at QD strength for wipe-down.


2. I go to the local coin operated car wash. I dislike using the soap option since its filled with nasty chems that could do long term damage to my paint, not to mention removing any LSP's. After that step, I wash using ONR.


3. I've clayed the paint just before the polishing step and it was smooth. Maybe there were some oils left behind that I didn't see and the QD wipe-down didn't remove.


4. I carry a spray bottle of distilled water for quick spot removal of bugs and bird bombs. After spraying the affected area, the water just sheets off.




1. I need to re-clay, re-polish and this time do either an IPA wipe-down or re-wash the entire car prior to applying OCW.


2. OCW is still doing its job, so just because water no longer beads does not mean there is no protection.


3. Stop being a tight wad and get a new bottle of OCW. It's close to a year old and there's only about an ounce remaining. Or maybe even the gallon size? Hmmmmm.


I love the ease and convenience of OCW, and the results I received on my previous car were outstanding. I can't see myself using another LSP. I just need to refine my technique.


Thanks for the help and advice, guys! I really appreciate it! Having help to figure out a problem is half the fun....the other part is using those tips and getting even greater results than before.


Mahalos again!



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You know I didn't know that you were using a bottle with so little left in it. You may have forgot to shake it up as often as needed and there may not be as much active product as there was initially in the bottle...you may not need to change anything except the new bottle of OCW.


I pinpointed the problem. The problem(s) are not in the surface prep or OCW itself, but rather in my application of OCW. In my eagerness to squeeze out every last drop of my dwindling supply, I was applying WAY too thinly. This coupled with overbuffing and it's no wonder I was having durability issues.


I searched my memory (which is a hard thing to do) and followed my older, and far more succesful technique for OCW application. Needless to say the results were superior.


Just detailed my car yesterday, and when power washing, noticed that it still beaded nicely and it shedded surface dirt and dust with no problem. After drying my car, I was going to leave it at that and call it a day, but then I thought: "Ah, what the hell", and decided to give it another application of OCW. My car sure looks purdy right now!


In the movie 'Tron', the character Flynn says: "....no problems, only solutions." I'm glad that I was able to find a solution to my problem, along with the help and aid of every fellow forum member.


Moral of the story: Don't be a chintzy little tightwad like me. If your bottle of OCW is getting low, don't bother trying to stretch it. Get a new one. :D Duh!


Happy Detailing, everyone!




p.s. The gallon size sounds real sweet right now. LOL

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