Mini Cooper and Optimum Coating

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2011 Mini Cooper convertible. Polished out his X-drive last weekend, wanted us back to Opti-Coat his wife's Mini Cooper. I'd looked it over the week before and it just had mostly light swirls in the paint so I was able to work it in more quickly than usual due to the small size and excellent overall condition.

It was really hard getting before shots, just before we washed it, low clouds rolled in and trying to time the breaks in the clouds with trying to take pics was an exercise in frustration. When the sun pops out for 10-15 seconds at a time, then you lose it for another 2-3 minutes... :wall

This is the only before shot that remotely had enough sun to make out the light swirling:


After Optimum Hyper Compound on this pretty hard paint:




ONR wash, Opti-Raser Pink to spot clay (paint was already really smooth)
Optimum Hyper Compound using an Optimum MF cutting pad and my Rupes 21 DA
Optimum Hyper Polish using an Optimum MF cutting pad, and a few tighter areas with a yellow Meguiars foam pad (needed some cushion between the backing plate and the bumper/tailgate area) again with my Rupes 21
ONR wash
30% Alcohol solution on the windshield
Optimum Coating applied to the paint and wheels
Opti-Glass applied to the windshield
ONR wash and wax @ 32:1 to clean glass
Armor All to dress tires/wheel wells

For how good of shape the Mini appeared to be in before we started, I was stunned at how much additional gloss the polishing added to the paint, and that the scuffs and scratches all polished out of the vinyl stripes on the hood.










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