Uber-Shine in Newmarket, Ontario Canada


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Thanks for the 'welcome' guys! I am convinced at this point that Opti-Coat Pro and Gloss (and possibly compound) will be a part of my new season services here at the shop. I will need a little more research yet as I'm not particularly sure about how I'm going to integrate the Optimum products into my polishing systems yet. I am still a little concerned about the bonding characteristics of Opti-Coat after intensive multi-stage polishing including wet-sanding and compounding vintage single stage paintwork with 3M abrasives and Menzerna products. My hope is that the restorative polishing I perform might be further sealed with the Opt-Coat Pro or Gloss as a final step to increasing the longevity of the restoration. I'll keep reading ...and thanks for the assistance.


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