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The Zentool ZEN-12EM 76mm dual action polisher is the latest long throw polisher from Zentool with a massive 12mm orbit for superior performance and faster results.

The Zentool ZEN-12EM mini dual action has a 76mm (3") backing plate to operate smaller pads and allow fast correction of tight spaces where larger machines can't operate effectively.

The ZEN-12EM operates a 700W motor which will provide plenty of power without bogging down, but still providing the safe operation of a dual actiuon polisher.


Electrical: 110VAC/60Hz
Power: 700W (0.939 hp)
No Load Speed: 2500-5500 RPM
Orbit: 12mm (0.472 in)
Weight: 1.8kg (3.968 lb)
Backing Plate: 76mm (3 in)

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Hi Ron,


Can the Zen Mini be used as the main polisher with 6" pads or is it more of a polisher with 4" pads as an addition polisher to the main one?

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I haven't used the Zentool Mini but I think it's going to have a hard time with a 6" pad. The polishers in this class with 3-4" pads are generally targeted to tighter areas of the vehicle, like A/B/C pillars, headlights and taillights, spoilers, etc. That's not to say you can't do the whole car with 3" or 4" pads.


Bottom line is these are generally considered to be additional polishers to "the main one".

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