Petroleum products from Optimum?

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I was reading about Clear Bras and people stated not to use Petroleum, petroleum distillates on the clear bra.


I noticed alot of the Meguiars Waxes and even over the counter Compounds contain the word petroleum in it.


I looked into the MSDS sheet on the optimumforums, and noticed that the Hyper Compound and Polishes have Petroleum Distillates. Not saying this is a bad ingredient, but I was informed to watch for this stuff if working with clear bra.


I am wondering if there are any other products in OPT that contain petroleum? Optimum spray wax? Optimum Opti Seal?

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You're kind of wading into the area of "a little knowledge can be dangerous". I'll let Ron, Chris, or Dr. G speak to the specific issues of products and clear bra compatibility, but none of the products you mention have "petroleum" in them.


A petroleum distillate is something that has been distilled from petroleum, in the same way distilled water has left behind mineral impurities, a petroleum distillate has left behind the heavier, less volatile parts of "petroleum".


Again, I'll let someone else answer your specific questions, but I'm confident that any OPT product is completely safe to use on your clear bra, when used as directed (don't dump a gallon of Hyper Polish on your hood and leave it there).

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