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I enjoy washing my own cars and keeping them looking good with the best products. I currently use OCW as my sole wax product and am very happy with the product. I use it after every wash since I don't wash the cars on a regular basis. I am looking for a product to spot clean bugs and small bird and tree droppings on a daily basis for maintenance between my full washes.


I have been going back and forth between buying OID and OOC and just can't make a decision. I think both products would have different advantages but these are just based on what I've read online as I have not used either.


I am assuming OOC would have more cleaning power than OID which would be great for the purpose of cleaning up the occasional bugs, bird or tree droppings after a drive. One of my questions is would using OOC on a regular basis for spot clean up also remove my OCW protection at the same time?


On the other hand, I have been leaning towards buying OID for this spot cleaning purpose. I figure if OID offers enough cleaning power to wash off these type of spots (which should be fairly fresh considering my goal behind this product purchase is to stay on top of this) then I'm wondering if OID could work as my spot cleaner, but also offer me much more protection than OOC?


Since I don't always get to do full wash with OCW application very regularly, I like the idea of the product I choose giving me extra protection from the elements as a bridge, and am assuming OID would offer more protection than OOC? But would OID have sufficient cleaning power for the bug/bird/tree spots?


One more note, I wouldn't really be using either of these products for their intended use! I like OCW and the added protection and it is so easy I can't see using the OID instead of OCW as my LSP. On the other hand, I am kind of a purist when it comes to a full car wash, so wouldn't be using OOC for its intended waterless wash purpose. I hope this extra info helps, just looking for some expert advice on which product to buy for this spot cleaner purpose?

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Welcome the the OPT Forum, Duck! You have the right idea - Opti-Clean is the better cleaner and Instant Detailer provides more shine. Depending on how bad the bird/bug/tree spatter I would most likely recommend Opti-Clean. Since you already wax regularly and OID is pretty short term protection, OOC would seem to be the better, more flexible solution. Neither product will remove OCW.


Having said that, I got to revisit OID last weekend when visiting a friend in Texas. His lawn sprinkler uses lake water and I've had issues before with water spots, so took a bottle of OID. I was impressed with how well they removed the spots (not yet dried), how good the car looked immediately after, and when we arrived home after driving through major rain the vehicle looked like it had just been washed.

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Just to add to Ron's comments. Opti-clean does seem to have better cleaning abilities and also works well as an interior cleaner. One tip with bugs and bird droppings is to soak them for a few minutes before wiping off. Hydrating the bugs does mean you do not need to use much effort to remove them. If they are very bad then lay a dampened cloth over the bugs for about 5 minutes, this should soften them up. Without doubt OID gives greater gloss and slickness.


As it is always very easy to spend other peoples money I say buy Opti-clean and OID. Opti-seal, GPS and ONR are probably nice things to own as well, if you are feeling rich, buy one of everything :)

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