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I have an issue im trying to sort out. Is it possible that I applied the glass coating to my windshield in a way that caused it to have like weird crazing or almost like scratching or cracking only visible when on the inside in direct sunlight?


I polished with ceriglass with a MF pad quickly and applied the glass coating pretty heavily. Meaning I kept going over the areas until it wasnt so grabby, so maybe 3 applications per section.


I may try to spot polish with a foam applicator , problem is time and getting the sun just right to see it.

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I use a 4" on my GG6, white pad I think. Couple passes.


If you look at where the vehicle is in the pic you can see the little lines, it doesnt look like it, but they are on the whole windshield. Not sure if they are scratches or some sort of something with the glass coating. My jeep has the coating on applied the same way and it looks fine.



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Did you polish the windshield on the Jeep?


I haven't used Ceriglass but I have used a similar glass compound. These Cerium Oxide polishes can be very abrasive and generally you want to work them for a long time to break them down, usually you need to add additional water.


From the instructions at the US distributor:


  • Work thoroughly on the glass surface one section at a time in overlapping motions.
  • When the product starts to dry, apply a spritz of water to the pad to extend the life of the polish

So it may be you didn't break it down completely and are left with some hazing, for lack of a better word, but I can't really see in your picture what you're talking about, for sure.

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