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Hello everybody, please let me introduce myself. My name is Alejandro Bonilla and I'm the owner operator of Eco Shine Costa Rica, a mobile waterless detailing service. You can find us on FB as @ecoshinecr

I started this business last year, we had just experienced a serious drought down here, and as a car enthusiast it just felt wrong to wash my car the traditional way when there were parts of the country that were without drinking water. 

I've been a car nut all my life having owned a '65 Mustang since 1994, and that's how I got hooked on shine... 

I've been in and around detailing since 2005, first becoming a member of Meguiar's on Line and the Autopia forums, I picked up a lot of info and tips from Mike Phillips who was still at Meguiar's back then.

After this I started my own mobile detailing business and actually did pretty well, back then here in Costa Rica detailing was not very well known, it was mostly performed by body shops... with body shop quality. I got to detail very cool cars, and got to meet a lot of car guys. 

Meguiar's products were introduced in Costa Rica in late 2006, and because of the experience I gathered detailing my customers cars that I got offered a job working for Meguiar's Costa Rica as the Local Business Leader in 2007. 

As a car enthusiast and a car wax nut this was a dream come true. I got to train with all the best pros in the business, Andrew Wilson, Jason Rose, Michael Stoops and Mike Pennington. We also had the privilege to host a Car Crazy episode with Barry Meguiar shot down here and also got to showcase a Costa Rican built hot rod for the International Showcase  at SEMA. I stayed with the company for five years, learned a lot, developed the brand and helped to cement proper detailing for others that were just starting.

Hopefully you've read this far, and soon I will explain why I've shared all this with you. 

From 2012 to 2015 I was somewhat out of the detailing circles because I went to help out in the family business and it was during this period that the local detailing scene exploded down here. The success we had with the brand in previous years set a new standard for enthusiasts and customers. Now there are more brands, more variety and (as you might expect) detailing shops on every corner and pro detailers as well. It was also during this time that coatings really started to take of in the US. 

I've never really had a lot of hands on experience on coatings (except Meguiar's M188) 

As of now the local market is really starting to pick up on the coatings business, with some shops charging up to $3000 for Modesta. That shop is even factory authorized installer.

I had lways shied away from coatings (I'm an old school #16 paste wax kinda guy) but ever since I came across Optimum Synergy podcast it's sparked my interest. 

I've tried Gloss Coat and Opti Seal that I bought from Yvan at Detail Fest this year and it has blown me away. Needless to say I'm hooked! 

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards, 




My FB business page:


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Welcome to the forum


Id love to hear more from you about how you run your mobile business, the products you use and so on...


OPT Gloss coat is a great product...not only incredibly easy to use but it performs great and lasts quitw a while.

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Thank you guys for the welcoming.

I've only been in business officially for about a year, before I used to do this as a hobby or supplemental income.

I decided to give  my business an environmentally friendly focus, not only for the immediate benefits but as a way to stand out from the rest.  My core products come from Eco Touch car care, some Meguiar's and Mothers. I try no to rely on just only one brand because I feel it limits you as a detailer.

Back 2005-2006 I'd heard about Optimum and ONR and Opti Coat 2.0 in the Autopia forums, but didn't really sparked my interest at the time. It was until last year that I started listening to podcasts that I got really intrigued by the optimum line. I first started listening to the AMMO NYC podcast, then later Jimbo Baalam's podcast and it was only after my visit to Autogeek's Detail Fest that I found out about the Optimum Synergy Podcast, in fact it was Yvan that suggested I listen to it. 

What I'm really enjoying about the Optimum line is the scientific background and the honest no fluff approach. Like I said before I had always shied away from other coatings for all the hype associated with some of them, the lighter strikes, the key scratching, fire setting, etc. 

As of now I've only tried Gloss-Coat and Opti Seal, but thanks to the podcast I've implemented some new services thanks to the efficiency tips I've picked up. I'm planning on getting more in the near future but I need to order them through Autogeek since there is no Optimum distributor here in Costa Rica.

I'm really looking forward to learn more about products and efficiency tips that will improve my business. 

Thank you very much for your time.




PS: Here are some pics of the products I've used

The Cherokee was a quick wash-clay-opti-seal and the Tucson is my personal work car with Gloss-Coat 






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