Onr wash and wax dilution

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I was reading instructions online for onr ww. It doesnt state specifically that this product can be used for clay lube... just that you mix it in 1:256 for wash. Common sense tells me this product probably has the same dilution ratios for clay lube or quick detailer as regular ONR. Am I wrong?

i also read that the quick detailer ratio was 8oz ONR:1 gallon.

on the forum here i now read 10oz:1gallon


when did it change?

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Dear all.

I hope I can still post here ... .

Q1: For how long can an ONR Wash and Wax 1:265 dilution be used? - I washed my car 10 days ago and I still have some ONR WW dilution + 2 microfibre towels inside it. Can I still use this dilution and microfibre towels or must I prepare a new dilution and clean the towels?

Thanks for some comments.


EDIT: Ah, I found this here, so I can use it for some time, right?

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I found out it depends on which water you are using (tap or distilled).

With tap water it will lose color & some lubrication but with distilled it will be un-affected.

If you are using ONR for the Garry Dean method I suggest you mix 2 gallons of distilled water and throw in as many towels as you can. That mix will be good for a couple of washes. Also put a lid or in any other way cover the bucket once you are done so that no airborne dust gets into your ONR mix.

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Thanks A&J.

So, I will make a new solution with distilled or de-ionized water.

I have two buckets, which you can close with a lid. No dust or even much oxygen can access the buckets. I bought them in Italy (7 liters, 4$ each) where they are normally used for food products like virgin olive oil.  I guess that ONR WW is not aggressive attacking any plastic, right? 

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