Optimum Opti Seal over wax?

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So I posted my question a while back in the ask the experts forum but no response so will ask here please.

" So four months ago when I purchased a new white car I immediately cleaned it with a chamois, then waxed it  with some Mothers paste wax .  Yes  I have learned a lot since then hopefully.
So then I learned about clay bars, bought one and clayed the car.
I have never used a hose on the car yet, we also have level 3 water restrictions here so you can only use a bucket anyway.  I have never used any carwash soap on the car.
I bought a 3.8 lt ( gallon ) of Optimum no rinse wash and wax and a gallon of Meguires X-Press spray wax. ( Blame Darren Priest and Optimum youtube videos)
I bought about 50 MF cloths. 

So I have been only using ONRWW  using lots of soaked MF towels and then the Megs spray wax.

  So now  I have learned about and about to buy an 8oz Optimum Opti-seal.

So here is my noob question please.   Is it OK to apply the Opti-Seal  over the ONRWW  and the Meguires spray wax??? Will the Opti-seal work down and bond with the paint ok please?   I sincerely hope the answer is yes :)
So if its ok , after I apply Opti-seal, I will of course continue rinseless washing the car with ONRWW, and is it ok to at times also use the Megs Xpress spray wax over the Opti-seal?
Thanks in advance and regards from North Queensland Australia. "


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Opti seal - easiest to use out of the bunch, it may streak if overapplied but it just requires a quick buf with a soft mf towel, its a brilliant drying aid, gives a lovely mirror like finish, slick finish but not as good as Beadmaker, the protection part never lasted long for me (mostly 2 months out of the 8 advertised), water behaviour is OK but what I have noticed over the years is that if the car gets wet for some reason it always dries spot clean instead of leaving water spots or rain dirt spots (I have no idea why)

Car wax - easy to use if the conditions are right, it streaks if you use too much or if you use it on hot panels which is a minus, leaves a nice warm carnauba glow and the best water behaviour out of the bunch, durability is its weak point (it only lasts 6-8 weeks max)

Beadmaker - easy to use in any conditions, it may streak a bit on certain paints, the gloss it leaves behind is amazing, the instant slickness it leaves behind is amazing and it does hold up for about a week or two, water behaviour is OK

I dont have a favorite, they all work for me but I treat them as top up products instead of stand alone LSPs!


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