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Hi I’m from uk and first post on here. 

Been using optiseal as a drying aid for a good few months now but I’m wanting to try OCW as a drying aid to see what results I’ll get.

I’m after more gloss and wet look. 

Been thinking to use ocw as a drying aid then after I’ve done the car I’ll go over it with the optimum instant detailer. 

Will this add more gloss using the oid over the ocw ? 

And is it ok to add the oid to the ocw straight after or do I need the ocw to cure ? 

Also is it safe to do this after every wash ? 




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Gloss and as you say "wet look" mostly comes from preparing the paint for waxes or sealants. OCW and OID will give higher gloss than opti seal but the difference will be minor.

If you really want to maximise your paints gloss you have to wash it, de-contaminate (remove iron particles, tar particles, clay it) and polish it (I suggest hyper polish by machine or poli-seal by hand if you dont own a polisher).  This will give you what you are after. Whatever wax or seal you use later will just preserve that finish.

And to answer your questions:

- Yes you can apply OID on top of OCW. Just give it an hour before you do.

- OID will give more gloss but OCW will be more durable.

- Yes you can use either OID, OCW or seal after every wash. Seal is kinda my favorite rinse aid.


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Just to add, OCW takes roughly 20 minutes to cure once it has been buffed (more of a wipe than buff) so waiting an hour is a good thing as it removes the chances of the (mild) cleaners in OID removing any OCW.  One of the nice things about the range is they are unfussy products and you can apply Opti-Seal on top of OCW and it won't effect anything

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