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Good evening!

I just had my black 2017 Tahoe coated with Opti Coat Pro Plus a few days ago. I’m wondering what products I should buy (Opti Coat products or not) to maintain/cleaning the exterior Pro Plus coating as well as any accessories to apply the products that are suggested. 

Due to the car being black, I want to keep the swirls to a bare minimum.  

Also...any thoughts on using Adams Polishes products on the exterior coated with OCPP?

Thanks and look forward to your suggestions!

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Welcome to all things Optimum and congratulations on investing in the best Coating available!  The Opti-Coat line of products was formulated for Coated cars, but Optimum products work well too.  For normal maintenance we recommend Opti-Coat No Rinse (or M-Wash for traditional cleaning with hose).  You don't need to "top" OCP+ but if you choose to, Hyper Seal is an excellent sealant, provides a sacrificial barrier to swirls,  and is incredibly easy to use.  Other manufacturers products will work, but do not use polish (or cleaner waxes) on Opti-Coat Pro+.   Abrasives will remove the Coating and should not be necessary.  Using good quality cleaners, sponges, and towels should keep swirls to a minimum.

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I think OPT have a plush MF towel, the Rag Company have a few such as their Eagle Edgeless and Minx towels.  Have a look at their site or maybe just phone them. 

As for applying the sealant, I have found most towels are able to do a good job.  The foam pad is probably the best way of applying the sealant.  I am sure the Rag Company have suggested their Edgeless 365 in the past

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