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Hi everyone,

I'm not new to detailing but I am new to OPT products and will be placing my first order shortly.

After doing plenty of research and reading recommendations, I'm really looking forward to the performance, value but most importantly, ease of use.

I'm especially looking forward to trying ONR + BRS as I've been looking for a more efficient way of doing rinseless washes that does not include using multiple towels.  When I first heard of the BRS I must admit I was a little sceptical, but I figured who am I to dispute the reputation and the science behind it?  So I'm jumping right in!

Look forward to learning and chatting with you all!


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Welcome to the forum Ed.  You have probably seen them but just in case  is worth a look and Joel, who runs it is a very knowledgable guy and has appeared on the Synergy Podcasts.  The podcasts are worth a listen if you get the chance, lots of useful tips on the products and processes  only 119 podcasts to listen to and then you are up to date :)


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