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Wayward Sun

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I have a customer with a 2006 VW beetle convertible that has interior plastic/vinyl trim parts that have become sticky and will rub off black. They have contacted many who say it is an unfixable problem. Is there an optimum possible fix for this?

Any suggestions or experiments would be appreciated. 

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My first suggestion is to try something like Opticlean.  Cannot remember where I saw a thread about using Power Clean with various towels and brushes for this kind of problem, might have been Autogeek but it worked out well by removing the old surface.  I think there are some threads where some have concluded it just becomes easier to replace them.

The issue seems to be UV has caused the surface material to break down and so a cleaning may or may not help.  I have a very vague notion about Dr G suggesting Poliseal but my memory is not so good these days and it is possible two memories have simply merged.

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Thanks Lowejackson for the response. Your thinking matches mine and I think a fix is doubtful. I considered an experiment of trying Lens Coat, to see if it would bond to and provide a hard shell. I will let you know if I get the chance to try that and what happened. 

I loved your line about the "two memories may have merged" It could explain a lot for me, too.

Be well

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This whole soft touch plastic getting sticky, it affects other products out there other than cars and it’s been a pain. Once it’s turned it’s pretty much over, a sticky mess and something no one wants to touch even if the rest of the product is fine.  I wonder if there is a way to prevent it.  Anyone done any experiments?

Can any optimum product prevent that?  Opticoat trim?  Gloss coat?  Optilens?  Maybe optiseal?



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I have a "garage queen" with deteriorating dash that is soft and gummy.  I clean with Protectant Plus (trying to save what's there) and have applied Opti-Seal.  Seal seems to replenish the color some, but I can't tell if it's stopping the deterioration.  I'll test Hyper Seal to see if it works better.

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