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Hi: I’m live in Tampa FL 33618 and I’m looking for a detailer that can remove Opti coat 11 from my car.

I applied the coating about 4 years ago and is now showing signs of stress.

i like it polished off and prepped to reapply.

thank You 




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Hey Ron?  I looked for an Opti-Film installer here in NJ (or in the tri-state area NY/NJ/PA) and couldn't find anything, and got weird listings for the installers that were listed here in NJ--like they aren't certified for anything--how can you list an installer that's not really an installer?  Can you clarify?  I'm not sure if there is a bug in the software or if I'm not understanding something.

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I understand the confusion, Setec.  Anyone listed on our opticoat dealers web site is at least an Opti-Coat Pro installer.  To be certified you have gone through the extended training provided by Optimum (different training for Coating and Film).  Only professional installers are approved, some go through certification and some don't, does not reflect on their ability.  You should look at approved New Jersey installer's websites to see if they do Film.

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