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Nice day in Toronto  8 degrees 

So I  did a nice car wash today and used onr with wax first time of courses I have to use it in my own way 

Rinse car 

Foam gun with soap ( just love using this thing)

Wash with My one bucket wash method  (6 washmits in soapy water when one gets dirty grab a clean one )

Rinse car 

Then get clean wash mitt with bucket of onr with wax wash panal then dry with waffle weave towel  I guess like super drying  aid . It sound like extra time but just grabbing a new wash Mitt instead of going to rinse bucket is a little quicker  can't understand why you want to put your wash mitt in dirty water  that's just me

Very nice shine 

The best thing is that nobody has talked about is the fact that this liquid wax is running in all the gaps and openings covering with wax  great protection  will use this  every third wash  great for door jams wax getting every were

Then I went fishing next day muddy roads  car covered in mud lol

Took a hose and washed of  mud  nice beading and washed lower  part of car with onr 

For sure the durability  of spray wax  is better but  they both have there uses the car  is gloss coated as well 

Thanks love opti products

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