Gelcoat Restorer Off-Label Uses

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Well, since I have enough isocyanates in my life, I didn't want to use the Clearcoat Restorer, so I tried the Gelcoat Restorer on some failed clear on my SO's car that she's getting rid of shortly.  It did improve the gloss quite a bit and created some hydrophobicity, not sure if I will be able to test the longevity depending on how long she has the car.

My thinking on this was if the GCR soaks into chalked gelcoat and makes it glossy again, then maybe it will soak into basecoat and make it glossy again.  Which it did, sort of.  It was a little streaky, however.   Sorry, no pictures (I know, I know).

My next off-label use is going to be as a tire coating, since I have a quart of this stuff and it looks just like a tire coating.

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Setec, appreciate you experimenting.  Yesterday someone asked if they could use CCR on headlights (I suggested that wasn't the designed usage and Opti-Lens was a better choice).  What is it about car enthusiasts that they're always looking for unique (and obscure) uses for products?  Optimum is pressed to handle the business now and just doesn't have time to investigate different product usages and combinations.  Let us know how your tests turn out...

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Ok, GCR as tire coating test...went on blue like the coating, here's the results (this was 2 coats, one picture with flash, a couple without).  You'll have to wait a year for the durability test as I put it on the back of one tire during rotation, so I'll let you know next time I rotate in a year or so.  PS I used a cheapo tire swipe (so I could throw it out after if I needed to) to apply and it worked perfectly.   Rinsed it out under running water after and it's good to go again.  Please ignore the bottle of tire shine in the background; I was using that on the fronts.



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Just to update this:

GCR as failed-clearcoat fix:  As I stated in the first post, this did do something.  I think a applied it again, it's a little complicated because this was failed clear on a back bumper cover, and I had tried some cheapo clear bra material on it a few years ago, which ultimately shriveled and peeled, so as more peels off I have applied some more GCR.  Anyway, it seems to have helped some, which is better than nothing.

GCR as a tire coating:  I actually haven't gotten a look at the tire back I pictured above, but I took the plunge and did the fronts of my daily-driver (as daily as it is in a pandemic), I dunno, about a month ago?  I cleaned the tires with OPC and then some McKee's, and finally with some Tuf Shine cleaner.  I haven't ever dressed the tires but they came with some greasy kid stuff from the dealer a year ago.  Anyway, they came out great, too shiny for me at first, but they have toned down a bit.  I don't know how the formula differs from the real Optimum tire coating, but this stuff seems fine, so far, oh, and none of the problems people have mentioned with trying to get an even finish with the tire coating, of course a lot of that has to do with the tire, age, previous dressings, cleaning, and, um...your level of perfectionism, which I certainly didn't have for this.  All I know is they are going to be real easy to clean at the next wash.

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Setec, I passed your testing information on to Dr G and he was interested but not surprised.  The manufacture of gel coat and rubber have similarities - the most common gelcoats are thermosetting polymers based on epoxy or unsaturated polyester resin chemistry. 

"Off label" uses of OPT products are always of interest to us

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