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i just applied optimum gloss coat yesterday. 1h after I added a coat of optiseal and let the car in the garage overnight. Today my car has been exposed to water from my neighbor’s sprinklers and is now full of waterspots. I’m a little bit worried about it. What should I do? Wait for a week before trying some mdr or polish the car and start from scratch?


thank you for your help

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water spots can hide - you can try vinegar or go to Optimum MDR.  Water spots will not etch Gloss-Coat but do not use polish, it will remove your coating.  Sometimes on a Coated car, the UV from direct sunlight will cause the spots to disappear.

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there is 1 more solution for water spots that will not remove Gloss-Coat.  Acid wheel cleaners that contain hydrofluoric acid (Meguiars Hot Rims Chrome Wheel Cleaner for example) will remove water spots...that's Def Con 1.

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That optimum compound works good. I might not even have to use 80 after it. The compound removed 95 of the water spots. I'll worry about the light clear coat scratches later on. Other than that the only defect left is a good amount of orange peel. I did notice the optimum compound doesn't break down; I thought that was odd.

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