Cloth car cover

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In general, Ron, car covers like silicone blades are not recommended.  I have a neighbor who covers  his Ferrari and I shudder to see it.  Maybe today's covers are "gentle" enough, but it's hard to see how dragging any fabric across your paint won't mar it.

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You should really look into protecting your car if it's outside 24/7 - Opti-Seal or Spray Wax at a minimum and I would really recommend Gloss-Coat.  That's a ceramic coating, easy to apply, harder than clear coat, with UV protection and 2 year's like a (safer) car cover.

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i am also thinking about car cover 

there will be construction on my street new side walks and  tearing up the street my car is 2 feet away from the side walk  even my gloss coat and wax will not protect my ellie from the stuff that will be flying around including pouring concrete 2 feet from my car i will put ply wood across the  drive way but thinking  of using   car cover. put it on leave it there till there done then take off  not off and on 

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