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I was using Zaino since 02 and always liked it.  Since I got my truck Opti coated pro plus done I've been using their products, but it never feels as slick as Zaino.  So today after washing and then using my hyper seal I went over a few areas with some old Zaino Grand Finale on a few areas and it was slicker for sure.  The bottle test where it didn't slide before the Zaino and slid right off after the Zaino.   I have no complaints about the Opti-coat just wondering why it is not as slick as Zaino?  

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Zaino obviously makes some great products but suspect they work in a different way.  I guess the question is what is the advantage of a perceptibly slick surface?  It feels good when we are washing or applying something like a QD but does this impact on performance?  The original Opti-Coat seemed to be famous for its lack of slickness but its performance was very good.  My guess is Dr G has simply taken a different set of compromises when formulating his products compared to other great brands like Zaino.

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It's hard to be all things to all people and sometimes characteristics work at cross purposes.  The components that make a product slick may also reduce their longevity (that is certainly true with ceramic coatings).  I can tell you that if you watch a professional detailer work on a car, they avoid skin touching the paint and most wear gloves.  If you want to watch a grown pro cry, walk up to a freshly detailed vehicle and run your hands across the surface. 

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