Anyone ever use Intensive Polish by hand?


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Hi all,

Long-time Optimum user here, first time poster.  I am by no means a professional detailer, but have been compounding/polishing/wetsanding/waxing since I was 15 (over 20 years ago)

I have a classic Mercedes that I am restoring the paint on.  The paint was very heavily oxidied and dried out as it had been sitting for 20 +years.  I have brought back a significant amount of luster and shine by impregnating the paint with M#7 oils (I could not find a similar product from OPT!).

Anyways I do not have an orbital or DA polisher, because frankly, I've never needed one.  

I am now into the stages of polishing and sealing the Benz.  I am planning on Intensive Polish followed by OCW (both of which I have).  I am planning to do the Intensive Polish by hand - has anyone done this before?  Will it work?  I intentionally chose the more aggressive compound (over Hyper Polish) because I figured by hand would be less aggressive than via orbital.  Thoughts?




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Thanks for the reply Ron!  I was hopeful that since OPT polishes don't require any pressure when using a DA/orbital, they may be a little easier to apply by-hand as well.  From your reply, that may not be the case!  Glad I went with intensive polish this time!



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