Optimum Tire Coating Problem


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This is an issue from another forum...maybe OPT staff can help.

Bit of an issue with this product on first use. Has anyone used it & had an issue like this?

Tyres were absolutely spotless, scrubbed thoroughly then aggressively rubbed with a MF towel twice to pull all the dirt out the pores of the rubber. Was ok after the first layer which I allowed to cure around 45 mins. Followed up with a 2nd for more gloss & this happened. Totally ruined the tyres


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Saw this on Facebook and responded yesterday - told the poster that new(er) tires can be problematic as the release agents used in manufacture and some chemicals used to maintain flexibility can cause bonding problems.  Poster got back to me that the applicator had been used prior for another tire treatment and likely still had chemical residue.  Sounded right

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